Tuesday, November 21, 2006

teen beat: in beverly hills

advanced warning: this may be a long and photo-heavy post.

i'm not sure if anyone who reads this (except cristy) is aware that after about 16 years of waiting (or at least since dvds were invented), beverly hills 90210 is finally available on laser disc. just kidding. in addition to the absolute teen beatery of everyone on the show (HAHA!), we all remember such famous episodes as the skeletons in the closet diet pill/date rape fiasco, brenda's breast cancer scare, kelly's mom on coke at the fashion show and more. all of these nuggets are available now for purchase or through rental on netflix. i'm about to begin disk six and i am pleasantly shocked each time someone pops up with a new outfit. first of all, here's my interpretation of an outfit donned by kelly taylor in the pilot:

and a few episodes later:

this is what i call "two hot babes just begging for a yeast infection." i mean, do you see how high their belts go? they don't make jeans that go this high without severely cutting into one's private area. and the absolute rampant use of black spandex! it's glorious. who wouldn't want to eff these two? (and i'm sure many of you males did - in your own minds - upon the release of shannon's stint in playboy).

here is another example of denim gone awry. they all appear to be madly in love with one another, but i just wonder how they can stand it with all of that baby blue denim! and look, donna, the perpetual virgin is absolutely not going to let a member of the opposite sex penetrate her waist region with their hand.

aye carrumba! hottie alert. look at that posture on aaandrea (totally pre-yoga!). look at those witch boots on kelly. and all of that grand canyon style cleavage on donna, not to mention brenda's catchers mit bangs. how did anyone get laid in 1990? i'm dying to know, as i was too young to know first hand. oh, wait...

it looks like we just need to ask uniblogGAL, julie, as she obviously has lots of experience canoodling with dylan mckay!


New Agey No Friends said...

ha ha catchers mit bangs!

bomarr said...

this post is amazing.

Cristy said...

dude! your interpretation of kelly's pilot episode outfit is spot on!

can we have a teen beat post on the 90210 men's hairdos? Especially sweet steve's.

stephanie said...

alright. that's it. there must be a drawn component to every erin post from now on. funny, i think i remember hearing a story about luke asking julie to sit on his lap from just a few years ago? jules?

laurin said...

90210 is my favorite and i'm so excited that, FINALLY there is a dvd to help us fans relive all of the special moments...like this one of david silver singin' and dancin' his heart out...



New Agey No Friends said...

dude... I think this is what they call synergy... when two awesomely horrible things collide!!!!!

Brian Austin Green and FERGIE (in her band BEFORE the Black Eyed Pees Wild Orchid)


erin is gross said...


just kidding. i saw wilde orchid sing the national anthem at a clippers game in like 1998 or something. it was reeeeally good.

and honestly, i could park kelly taylor's 1989 convertible red bmw in between donna martin's tits.

(hmm. did i cross a line? i don't know if we've used the T word on unibloggal yet.)

RobTunderVillain said...

this show (along w/ 'Saved By The Bell' and 'California Dreams') was always a guilty pleasure for me when i was growing up. however, 90210 was always granted validity for having The Meat Puppets in the first episode (i believe they were the band in the backyard at Kelly's crazy house party).