Thursday, November 16, 2006

got hoes in every area code??

trouble keepin' track of all of yer bitchez? want to avoid them at certain times of the month if possible? well shiiiiiiiit... now this handy dandy software can be downloaded to your pimp ass cell phone and you can keep track of "if/when she has her menstruation, when the ovulation is/how probable it is that she gets pregnant, and how big the PMS effect currently is. Can handle multiple women ;) "
seriously, whatever douchebag decided to market this to men instead of women as a potentially positive and helpful tool shall be cursed with a period of his (and hopefully not her) own 365 days a year for the rest of time.


erin is gross said...

i wonder if the software comes with some explanation of exactly what menstruation, ovulation and pms are. i am assuming that some younger cell phone owners might need some insight.

New Agey No Friends said...

In the name of science, menstruation and mobile technology I have downloaded this program. All I'll need from the each of you is the following:

Current cycle day:
Length of cycle:
Length of menstruation:

Let's make the science happen ladies!

grensley said...

what if you perma-pms? that totally explains the lack of men calling me. i feel so much better now.

laurin said...

i'm totally pmsing right now, but my cell phone is only reading a pms effect of .3. those lying bastards!!!!

erin is gross said...
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