Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sex and the City for seniors

I don’t usually like to double up on a theme and blog about the same thing I discussed in You Nork. BUT, I’d like to expand today’s topic... the Golden Girls.

I’ve started watching reruns every morning over my bowl of cereal. And now I can’t conceive of starting my day without a healthy dose of those feisty old ladies. I recall watching them every week as a kid, but back then I didn't understand even one quarter of the sexual innuendos. And there are so many! Those are some dirty, dirty grandmas.

Which leads me to for thesis for the day: Golden Girls is Sex and the City for seniors. Replace New York with Miami, substitute late night clubbing with late night talks at the kitchen table, toss out the cosmopolitans for chamomile tea, and they’re the same damn show!

Dorothy = Carrie (the heroine of the story, the most down to earth, the one we sympathize with the most)
Rose = Charlotte (naïve but lovable)
Sophia = Miranda (intelligent, cynical, and always ready with some witty remark)
Blanche = Samantha (duh, I don’t even need to explain this one)

So, next time we’re singing the praises of that brilliant HBO series, I think we need to give a shout out to the O.G. Female Foursome.

The only difference: Golden Girls was on network television, so there are none of the steamy bedroom scenes. Thank GOD. Otherwise I’d probably have to barf up my cereal.


Anonymous said...

if carrie bradshaw actually ate, i think she'd barf up her cereal at being compared to bea arthur.

Anonymous said...

i've been telling you ladies forever that the golden girls are amazing! i LOVE them. i watch several episodes everyday and i'm damn proud. last night i saw the episode where dorothy is having an affair with a married man...i nearly lost my shit! spread the word...the GGs are amazing!

terryl (yes, bitches...i'm signing my name to this one!)

Audrey said...

Carrie should be fucking honored. Bea Arthur rocks. I'm one of his biggest fans! Um, I mean her.