Wednesday, November 08, 2006

fans of vintage prog rock unite

"Tony Banks, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford of the iconic band Genesis unveiled the dates for their first tour in 15 years. Turn It On Again - the tour, will see the band play a series of stadium concerts in Europe in the summer of 2007." During a press conference yesterday, Collins mentioned plans for 20 dates in the US next year, but provided no additional information. Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, also founding members of the band, are not part of the tour as far as I can tell, which may disappoint fans of Genesis' earlier work (not yours truly however because i love me some phil collins.)

To stream of few of Genesis' hits from the early to mid seventies, go here and enjoy.


erin is gross said...

i hope they do phil's "land of confusion." i just love that song.


bomarr said...

phil colins' genesis was my first ever rock concert (on a large scale). i've got to admit, they put on a pretty good performance. i still think that phil should have stuck to drumming though. he's an amazing drummer.

unfortunately, since peter gabriel will not be part of this tour, i won't be attending.

New Agey No Friends said...

I was always a huge phil collins fan... no seriously always.

laurin said...

oh i've witnessed that little number before and will forever be in awe of your moves and your song choice, new agey no friends. pure genius.