Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eternally damned on the subway

This morning, I spent 25 minutes in a crowded subway car with a man preaching loudly about Jesus.

“The end of the world is near,” he warned me and 85 other captive riders. “And all those who have not found salvation in Jesus Christ will go to hell.”

The woman next to me got up to move to the other side of the car.

“You cannot escape hell.” He continued, eyeing the defector. “Hell is an eternal circle of fire that burns for eternity.”

“That’s more appealing than being stuck in this car listening to you,” she hissed.

When I could stand his speech no longer, I exited at West 4th street and walked the last twelve blocks. If there is a God, He/She certainly cannot approve of His/Her messengers lecturing an overcrowded group of people on their way to work who have yet to get their morning coffee. That does nothing for His/Her image.


Anonymous said...

was it the f train?!

Audrey said...

No, A.