Friday, November 10, 2006

america loves borat...except these two

After seeing the Borat movie this week I kept wondering which scenes with random folks on the road were real and which were staged. After talking it over wtih several friends I was convinced that the drunken frat boy scene was a fake. For one, how do you happen to stumple upon a Winnebago of drunken idiot douchebags while you're filming a movie that pokes fun at America and the drunken idiot douchebags that make up most of this country?

Apparently I don't know dick and the scene was actually "real." According to an AP news release, two of the frat boys featured in the film are suing "Borat" (more specifically 20th Century Fox and the other production companies responsible for the film.) According to the lawsuit the plaintiffs are claiming the film "made (them) the object of ridicule, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress, loss of reputation, goodwill and standing in the community."

Funny, the last time I was drunk I don't recall ever saying anything racist, sexist or homophobic. But I guess that's just little ol' me. Good luck guys. I'm sure America will get behind you. Especially women, the gays, minorities and any of other groups you claimed were "taking over the country."


bomarr said...

this scene was staged AND real. one of the articles i read online today said that they were given lots of drinks at an undisclosed establishment and then put on a winnebago and told to drink. that part was staged, but the things they were saying were not staged.

erin is gross said...

what about the homophobe who wanted borat to shave his mustache as not to so closely resemble a terrorist?


laurin said...

yes, i noticed that they boys are claiming they were told to drink heavily before the scene, which, as we all know (especially as erin's "impending doom" post explains) can lead to emabarassing memories the day after. in this case however, i don't care how drunk (coerced or not) they were, it was just plain unexceptable and i would argue indicative of their true feelings. i know you agree, i'm just re-explaing my disgust for our 11 readers. yay we have 11 readers now!

also the homophone from virgina, erin, was one of the scarier people i have seen to date.