Monday, November 06, 2006

it was nice being friends with you all

not a day goes by that i don't fantasize about having a wonderful doggy of my own. alas, i live in the city with a landlord who cares about the hardwood floors and work too much anyway. still, i dream of the day when i can take my what will most likely end up being the ugliest bearded dog ever on trips to the park and the beach and to visit my friends. i've thrown some potential dog names around such as clyde or beardo the weirdo but have decided that i'll probably choose to name this four legged friend after one of my sweet pals. first and last name. "travis lodolce, what's in your mouth?" "sorry... julie bunim's just in heat right now."
how will i choose which pal to name my new dog after you wonder? well it's just going to depend on who he/she resembles most. please see following pics to view your potential namesake!

enjoy this smash single from the wesh comp album as you check out your friend's pix!
even more butts by billy bananas featuring gary tijuana
(b/c really what do dogs like more than butts?)


erin is gross said...

fuck yeah, you're going to carry my ass!

excellent job, stephanie.

QuarBy said...

i am immortalized

chad said...

i wish i could grow a beard. damn you noah blumberg.

laurin said...

i make a cute dog. this isn't a surprise to me of course.

Audrey said...

But I HATE baths! (Love it Steph - great job!)

gary tijuana said...


stephanie said...

butts butts baby butts butts butts!!
you're a lyrical genius, gary tj.