Friday, November 03, 2006

friday dating: keeping it on the home front

following last week's post, one of you said something that inspired my thursday night, as well as today's issue of the friday dating tips. today i will highlight the glories of dating yourself, at least from time to time. yesterday evening i was faced with the prospect of an empty apartment, a plan free evening and bountiful television options. i embraced this and turned it into an opportunity to take myself on a home. this is what i did.

i got dinner from mcbaker, my corner store. cottage cheese and a tomato later and i was nourished. i didn't have to share, cook or do dishes. it was a perfect solo meal.

i hung out with my cat, simon.

we talked about what he was going to do today, yet another rainy day. he decided to hang out with our other pets, the dust bunnies. he also mentioned something about trying to work out that hair ball while i wasn't there to beg him to shut up. he's also going to balance our check book and take out the trash. good boy.

after that, i came within two clues of finishing the thursday new york times crossword puzzle. this is a magical thing. while i did the puzzle, i watched ATL and imagined that i was a really good roller skater.

then came tv. it was an awful conundrum because the oc season premiere was airing at the same time as grey's anatomy. i decided to record (on vhs! remember those?) the oc while watching stephanie's girlfriend ellen pompeo act like a douche rag with the other stars of seattle grace. unfortunately, dating yourself and getting into bed at 6:30pm isn't really very good for the energy levels. i was asleep by 9:45. if i did this on an actual date, i definitely wouldn't have gotten to second base.

i think the lesson here is to embrace your inner nerd and don't be afraid to spend some time alone with your geekdom. and eff you to the person who forwarded last week's post to my mom.


laurin said...

i have to say that i've had some of the most fun ever on dates with myself...mainly because i'm amazing.

stephanie said...

i totally date myself on the regular and must add that i thoroughly enjoy the open relationship i've worked out with myself.

Audrey said...

One time I took myself out for dinner. But it was mostly just to get me into bed.

(it worked)

erin is gross said...

lesson = unibloggal girls put out (to themselves).