Friday, November 17, 2006

Brooklyn Poachers

No need to get nervous, fellow Brooklynites. That is, unless you like to poop off of power lines. This morning I was perusing my local paper, and read an interesting expose on a recent wave of parrot poachers in Brooklyn. Parrots in Brooklyn you say?

The article claims the wild monk parrot population is being decimated by unidentified individuals climbing trees while armed with humongous nets. The lil' squakers are kidnapped for breeding and then sold for a whopping $25. How can I witness this?

According to, the birds escaped into Brooklyn in the late 1960's, when a shipment from South America was accidentally released at JFK. 60,000 birds flew the coop. Lucky me. Now we're neighbors.

Is your curiosity peaked? Then check out the Wild Brooklyn Parrot Safari on Saturday, December 2nd, 2006, at 12 Noon. And wear a hat.


Audrey said...

Actually, I've seen the Brooklyn parrots - there are tons of 'em on the way to Coney Island. Apperantly they survive the cold winters by building their nests near the high power lines. Does anyone smell fried chicken?

erin is gross said...

i am a little weirded out by the fact that i'm admiting this, but last night i watched the barbara walters special. it covered the last 30 years of her celebrity interviews and in one, she was talking to audrey hepburn when a bird shit all over audrey's skirt. i couldn't stop laughing, hearing little holly golightly talking about bird shit.

off topic?