Tuesday, November 07, 2006

teen beat electionday

last evening i opened my mailbox to quite a bit of excitement. my little sisters frequently sell magazines to raise money for various high and junior high school activities. i usually end up with a random mish mash of reading materials that gather themselves in various crevices of my apartment. every once in awhile i get an interview with michelle williams on the cover or like last night, a rolling stone with these lovely gentleman on the cover.

the article is written by maureen dowd and is really quite hilarious.

i was going to write something about some really hot politicians through the decades, but i could only think of two. i've already written about bill clinton (he's a mental dilf, ok), barack obama was just on the cover of men's vogue (too cliche for a post dedicated to hot dudes) and matt gonzalez rides my bus and i want him to some day read unibloggal, so it would be too embarrassing to write about him.

did ya vote yet?

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