Friday, November 17, 2006

i am totally sirius right now

so a couple of weeks ago i bit the bullet and signed up for god's gift to my ears (so much god talk today, erin. jeez! oh, it's cuz i went to sin city last weekend and i have TONS of sinning to make up for)...sirius satellite radio on the interweb. see, i am a die hard howard stern fan who has for the past 11 months since his transition from regular radio ignored his eff bombs and sibian rides. every friday on howie's station, they play repeats from like twenty years ago and that's not super fun to me, so i listen to actual music.

i think i have found the world's perfect radio station. it's called first wave. in the past few minutes, i've heard:

Lightning Seeds: Pure
Violent Femmes: Kiss Off
The Police: When The World Is Running Down
Nik Kershaw: Wouldn't It Be Good (this song rules!!)

and i realized two very interesting facts:
- i still hate U2, even "the old stuff"
- i actually like REM

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manders said...

i found out i actually like REM too!

a couple of weekends ago rob and i watched: R.E.M. - When the Light is Mine... The Best of the I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 Video Collection

i almost cried.

their radio free europe on the tube in 1983 is awesome.