Thursday, November 02, 2006

Why San Francisco gotta be all ghetto and shit?

Believe me, I am a number one fan of San Francisco.

It is rare that a New Yorker does not catch me singing the praises of the city by the Bay. It is my home, my lover, my friend. If San Francisco had a kidney problem, I'd totally give up my left one.

BUT, what is up with this violent Castro Halloween nonsense? You didn't see any gunshot wounds at the Village Parade. Why does good, clean, gay fun need to be destroyed by a few armed assailant? As they say, a one gun-toting apple ruins the whole barrel. (Bushel? Pack? Bunch? What do apples come in?)

I'm disappointed in you San Francisco. You've let me down. Don't let it happen again.


erin is gross said...

next year the party will be held in colma in the parking lot of circuit city.

stephanie said...

fucking slutty marksmen gotta ruin everything.