Thursday, November 09, 2006

Daddy, I want that one!

Despite living in New York for almost three months, I still read the San Francisco Chronicle on an almost daily basis. This probably makes little sense considering I:
1. now live in the home of the New York Times, and
2. well, it's the Chronicle.

But today as I was scanning the lovely periodical of the bay, I discovered a nugget that will give those in SF another reason to love their city and us east coasters pangs of homesicknesses.
What could that discovery be? None other than San Francisco's own dildo factory. Check out the article here for details on the factory. And the best part? (Other than thoughts of faux penises dancing in your head) are the aptly enthused employees with the "best working conditions and employee benefits this side of the dot-com boom."

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Audrey said...

Yay, welcome to the blog, Jules. And what a smashing post coming right out of the gate!