Friday, November 17, 2006

lil' friday belated dance tip

i forgot yesterday to put together a unibloggal approved "to do list" for this weekend so you will all just have to fend for yourselves. i'll be back in effect next week with a very special turkey day edition.

in the meantime check out this fantastic breakdown of some popular rave dance moves by "matty walker." my favorite parts of his very educational video include the fact that he doesn't feel the need to get off the couch to teach us these combinations and that he insists on mouthing the dance instructions to the camera like his playing a pathetic game of pictionary. the boy is pure genius.

good luck people. i expect to see "big fish, little fish, cardboard box" or "deal the cards" the next time i see you on the dance floor.

1 comment:

erin is gross said...

(a) matty needs to wash his hair.

(b) was that actually considered rave music?

(c) once he has clean hair, i will totally have a crush on him.

(d) yes, i am a mallternateenophile.