Thursday, November 02, 2006

lil' friday - get out there people and live dammit

thursday = lil' friday = plan your weekend day. that's why each thursday the unibloggets will be posting a calendar of recommendations to get your weekend started off on the right foot. if you don't take our recommendations, don't blame us for a shitty weekend. also, to help you score with the lads or lassies on your evenings out we will be posting lil' friday dance tips. (please note the video above...and enjoy) thank you for your time and you're welcome.

*currently this is an SF only edition, but don't fret new yorkers. we're not forgetting about just takes time to wrap our heads around all the fun that's to be had.


there's actually something going on in oakland you say? that's right its the first friday of november which means its time for oakland art mumur -- the east bay's monthy art gallery hopping extravaganza. come on down, check out some rad art (like unibloggal pal sita rupe's show at INDUSTRIELLE,) have some free wine and stare a cute boys in tight pants. its fun for the whole family.


using the above dance tip, make your way to san francisco's infamous gay club "the stud" and shake your ass at "playboy" - the monthly party for men and women at the MANsion hosted by the city's favorite Playboy Ryan Robles & Playgirl Juanita MORE. better yet its ryan's going away party so go wish him well, buy him a drink, give him a kiss, i don't care, just get there.

get your geeky love song on with casiotone for the painfully alone at bottom of the hill. make sure to drink lots of wine before you go and put on your best meloncholy outfit. if you haven't heard of casiotone here's a song to get you started.
CFTPA - Hott Boyz (Missy Elliot cover)

if you didn't get enough art on friday, the boys of anitcon are throwing a little art party of their own. bring it.


take a nap and go see borat's new film. it will help you laugh the friday and saturday night calories away.

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