Friday, November 17, 2006

friday dating tip: rainy weekend style

IMPORTANT EDIT: i just realized the sun just came out (kinda) and that it might not actually rain this weekend, so maybe save this one for another weekend...or the entire months of january thru april.

is anyone feeling the winter yuck feeling due to rain like i am? while i'm stuck at my desk in work clothes, it just makes me wish i was home under the covers. it also takes me back to high school when i'd be stuck inside with no car, no where to go and no one to get freaky with on a friday. here are some tips for creating the ultimate weekend indoors. thank god for adulthood, our own apartments, bigger tvs, dvds and crushes who aren't on the football team.

watch john hughes movies. i just checked out his IMDB page and let me tell you, i had no idea what a prolific writer he is! his resume includes such obvious hits as "sixteen candles," "breakfast club" and "pretty in pink," but also "some kind of wonderful," "planes, trains & automobiles," "uncle buck" and more. who knew!? now boys, we know that you don't care if john bender (judd nelson) and claire is a fat girl's name (molly ringwald) make out after he puts her diamond earring in his ear. however, if you act like you do, you might get laid. which brings me to...

stay in your jammies all day. this way, when you eat the whole thing of macaroni and cheese (and/or brownies) out of the pan, your jeans won't be too tight. i realize that jammies aren't sexy, but they're easy to take off, which is sexy in itself. don't you agree? (disclaimer: it might be a good idea to wait about 30 mins after pan emptying before jammie removal)

find a comfy blanket. see step four from last week's tips. nothing says rainy day like dragging your blankie off your bed and onto the couch along with a couple of pillows. that shit is heaven right there, nah mean?

get the perfect partner. not just anyone is suitable for a day of mushy movies, crappy warm food and for seeing your butt in old navy pj bottoms that you got for christmas your sophomore year of college. you have to find someone who is equally committed to comfort, coziness and who won't pressure you to go outside, for god's sake. this person also must kiss like a champ, like your messy hair and lack of makeup and have a pair of his own jammies. (sorry, this had a slightly feminine tilt.) there is really something to be said for someone who doesn't mind just fucking sitting there all day.

that is, until the mash kicks in...

here's a song to go with your weekend indoors, wishing the rain would go away. thank you to the quarbmeister for making my ears happy with this tune. you can almost hear the raindrops on the window.


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Cristy said...

the dating-guru is more mash than dirty-pajama-rainy-day-overkill.