Thursday, November 02, 2006

impending doom

i tend to run with a super fun, attractive and hilarious crowd of folks (hello there, friends). we regularly drink a fair number of adult beverages in one sitting, engage in rowdy dance parties from time to time, hang out in big mixed gendered groups, often staying up much past regular bar business hours. sometimes when you put all of these items in a test tube, people get weird.

have you ever experienced the sensation of waking up after a night of fun and libations to a feeling that i call impending doom? you know when you have too many beverages and you start to say things that would normally not exit your mouth sans booze? you become way more touchy and a little bit uncomfortable with some of your moderately close friends? you might accidentally give one of your friend's boyfriends a lap dance. you might momentarily swap sexual orientations. perhaps you told someone your deepest darkest secret without really knowing their name. but you're not really positive that you remember exactly how these things went down, leaving you uncertain and very guilty. this stuff happens.

i would like to suggest that since most of us have been in this situation more than once (or twenty if you're me), we should all collectively do an act of good samaritanism and forgive and forget. every religion in the world (i think) calls for people to forgive those who trespass against them. so, let it out. move on. until next friday when it happens again.


Audrey said...

Yeah, I seem to be experiencing that a lot lately. Saturday I woke up with a strange sinking feeling that the words "I'd make a great lesbian but I love cock too much" came out of my mouth while talking to my roommate's lesbian coworker the night before. That was shortly followed by red wine vomit also coming out of my mouth. How old am I again? Apparently old enough to "love cock."

bomarr said...

awesome post.

j. keith van rappin said...

finally, my slate is clean!