Tuesday, November 14, 2006

one of the many benefits of being single

According to a BBC-This World news report, 60% of Japanese women are experiencing what is known as "Retired Husband Syndrome." The report states, that retired Japanese men "having spent years "married to their jobs", are having an extraordinary effect on the health of their partners."

The article focuses on baby-boomer wives who, after years of growing apart and being treated like commodities in the household by their hustbands, literally get physcially sick at the thought of spending their golden years with the man, now stranger, they married all those years ago.

What's my favorite quote from the article you ask? So glad you did. Here goes: "When I thought about my husband being at home, I developed rashes on my body and had stomach ache," admits Mrs Terakawa. "On occasions I would throw up after I had eaten."

Since I'm newly married I guess I'm screwed. All you single ladies can rejoice, have tons of hot single sex and feel confident when eating that you can keep your food down.

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