Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Donkeyed

One of the features in last Sunday's New York Times Magazine's comedy issue highlighted the new crop of up and comers whose proverbial cream is rising via YouTube.

Since Sunday, there has been some critique regarding the lack of women mentioned in the mag (more specifically over at Broadsheet and Huffpo).

Usually, I'm all about getting embroiled in those arguments. However, this time I've been completely blinded by the stars in my eyes like a big fat proud mama. You see, one of the groups highlighted in the Times Mag is made up of a couple of my bestest buddies. Those four dudes make up the comedy quattro Handsome Donkey.
Aaron Greenberg/Donkey 4, (who incidentally helped me get an A in 9th grade Spanish -- as a college roommate, another story) hopes the group's high value on production quality pays out amongst the throng of amateur looking videos on YouTube. More specifically, that people will have “the desire to see something like what we did rather than the desire to see somebody get hit in the crotch.” Fair enough.

And for all you feminists, Greenberg's little sister Emily is the breakout star of their short Le Montage, putting the boys and all their production value, to shame.

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