Thursday, November 30, 2006

for some reason i just love this commercial. for one thing, it's got a catchy tune that includes the words diarrhea (barf) and has a funny looking robot. last night, i was watching this during the most innane hour of television ever aka america's next top model (aka the least improved show on television) when this commercial came on. i was so thankful that it wasn't another day in the life of a cover girl that i made a mental note to share it with all of you. for once i actually remembered my mental note and voila! happy lil friday, bitches.


Audrey said...

That's funny, I wrote a post in You Nork last month about how much I hated this commerical! Because clearly my constipation work is SO much classier!

gary tijuana said...

dude i had no idea---that's easily, hands down, without question, THE MOST PERFECT commercial of all time.