Monday, November 20, 2006

celebrity slip ups

there is a game called celebrity that the friend family plays upon occasion, namely this passed sunday at the second annual friendsgiving. it's usually when we're drunk, stuffed with food, gathered in a group and looking to create some big chill moments. big chill moments are those that you look upon as frightening because you realize that you're now the age your parents were when they had you, you're old, you're an adult and other related troubles. anyway, back to celebrity. in order to play this game, every participant must enter into a bowl, three celebrities, famous characters, musicians, literary characters etc. for the most part, the gamut is run, from 2pac to dagney talbert. the goal is to get your teammates to guess as many celebrities as you can within one minute. last night's game resulted in a few hilarious moments. they were:

1. celebrity: lou reed. in the first round of play, you're allowed to say anything you want other than the actual name of the person. this resulted in, "first name rhymes with poo." classic.

2. celebrity: michael jordan. in the second round, you use the same celebrities from the first, but you can only use two words to describe it. even if your teammates cannot guess, you're not allowed to deter from those two words. the two words provided for this clue were, "slam dump." do you sense a theme?

3. celebrity: neil patrick harris. in the last round you use the same celebrities from the two previous rounds, but you must act them out using charades. that means for every celebrity one of the gamers will either be making big fat tune in tokyo boobs with their hands (female celebrity) or they will be acting out a large beaver tailed paddle, wagging it back in forth in front of their, in this case, vagina (no boys were playing - this paddle obviously means male celebrity). given the recent announcement that little doogie howser likes boys, the clue giver in this case ended up walking around to her teammates poking them in the butt with her extended index finger.

i wish i had photos. maybe stephanie will photoshop something awesome for you to look at. if not, it's reeeally too bad for you that you missed out on the fun.

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Cristy said...

don't forget about bird-flipping entourage stars!