Thursday, November 09, 2006

lil' friday funtacular weekend to do list

This week's dance tip courtesy of "my little pony" Parker and Lee Montgomery from the 1985 pre-teen dance movie from heaven, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." The sound is poo but you'll get the idea. If you do any of these routines, I promise you'll get laid.


If you enjoy free entertainment I urge you to get yo' self down to 111 Minna on Thursday night for the 06 Goldies featuring some fantabulous Bay Area acts like Hey Willpower and unibloggal favs Honeycut and Passage.

For a mellower evening, indie folk darlings Page France are playing at Bottom of the Hill.


After a long hard day of procrastinating at work (you know that's all friday is good for) why not enjoy some good ol' fashioned electronic craziness with Richard Fearless (1/2 of Death in Vegas) and wacky Ohio duo, Gil Mantera's Party Dream at Club Mezzanine. This would be an opportune venue to show off your new GJWHF dance moves.


If a price tag of $32.50 doesn't immediately induce vomiting and you don't mind hanging out with a large crowd then Be the Riottt! might just be the perfect thing for you. Feel free to shake what your mama gave ya to acts ranging from The Rapture, Girltalk, Birdmonster, and many, many others.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge noise fan, but if you dig it then Wolf Eyes are one of the bigger acts in the scene today. With a new album out on Sub Pop, these Michigan boys are rocking Bottom of the Hill tonight. Plus, every mission hipster in town will be there! Score.


bomarr said...

don't forget sunday nights events:
telephone jim jesus w/ kyoto beat orchestra, mochipet and more at 12 galaxies!

QuarBy said...

that montage is siiiiiick!