Tuesday, January 09, 2007

teen beat tuesday: go team go

Over the holidays I found myself having one of the worst weeks of my life and to add insult to injury I got sick on New Years. Thanks Jesus! Actually, I really do mean thank you. I've discovered that our sweet lord does work in mysterious ways because if it wasn't for getting sick I wouldn't have stumbled upon the 10-episode bravo marathon of "Friday Night Lights" and I wouldn't have discovered my new (albeit out of character) TV crushes.

First up: dreamy, bad boy running back "Tim Riggins"

This crush makes sense to me, sort of. He's young, fit, rebellious, drinks too much, always has messy (often wet) hair in his face and makes out with his best friends girlfriend. Of course I would have a boner for this guy. I have been and will forever be attracted to bad boys. I mean give me a break...

Number two: hot football dad aka "Coach Taylor"

My second crush scares me for many reasons. One, I'm now officially attracted to 40-year olds which is a very weird, "come to terms with your age" phenomenon. But more scary than the age factor is the fact that Coach Taylor looks like a slightly cuter version of every suburban dad in America. He wears kaki short with white socks and sneakers; he wears wrap around sunglasses around his neck while driving; he has "man to man" conversations; he's totally wrong for me. Any yet...girl boner.

I'm through trying to figure out why my loins ache for both of these characters and instead I'm thanking fate for bringing these two dear dear crushes into my life on Wednesday nights. God bless America, football and the Dillon Texas "Panthers." Go team.


lily b said...

the inner cheerleader is busting out. love it.

Anonymous said...

boner. official. i'm talking about the hot football player.

the coach, on the other hand, is having a very homoerotic moment in the rain in that one photo. and he looks like mister big.

thank you for taking over teen beatage for me since google is perpetually cock blocking me!

Anonymous said...

I love the show and have been hooked since the 2nd episode. I normally don't go for older men but Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor is smokin' hot. I've never seen khaki shorts, sunglasses, and polo shirts look so sexy. And then who can resist Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch)...the brooding, the muscles, the hair. I just hope the ratings improve so FNL stays on the air. Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

if that shit gets cancelled, i'm giving up on humanity.

j. keith van rappin said...

approved for a full 22 set tv season!

minka kelly, yes!