Tuesday, January 16, 2007

teen beat: tahoozled

this past weekend i headed to the south lake tahoe keys for some tequilla and indoor gaming fun times. look what happened:

faces have been blocked out to protect dear friends. i call this dance, the "one humped camel."

this photo wasn't nearly as hilarious with entirely blocked out eyes, so i kept some visable.

this is a giraffe. she is dialated to 9 centimeters. you can almost see the head if you look closely.

this is a girl-a-mid, an old favorite. look at that bear with a rifle to our left. look at cristy's hearty hooray! look down all of our shirts, ok don't.

look at what caused all of this ruckas. it was called "golden chocolate."

she was hungry, ok?

taco time. deflated raft, one person in the middle. perfect.

i don't know who these two sluts are or what they're doing. what i do know is that the one standing up is definitely not married.


Anonymous said...

i see a sexy feature or two in those shots. can we go back immediately??

stephanie said...

you got teana-bagged.

New Agey No Friends said...

these pictures are creepy in a tween porn sort of way.

Anonymous said...

colin, very interesting since this was a 30th birthday celebration.

New Agey No Friends said...

like I said... creepy!

Tina said...

seriously, who are these immature tweeners?