Tuesday, January 30, 2007

teen beat: air force two

since the weee age of nine years old i have been obsessed with the nba and it's plethora of insane looking men. this obsession started with michael jordan and is alive today with dewayne wade, kobe bryant and lebron james. for the most part, they have better bodies than most humans on the planet. all in all, they are well dressed and much younger than me, as i am now aged.

one sunday, the friend family was gathered on a favorite couch of ours when this gem (girl porn) popped up.

i mean, with the exception of tony parker (who is a massive douche brain) and steve nash (who is a great player, but looks like a baby dinosaur), this is a collection of eye sizzle deliciousness. i'm slightly obsessed. in addition to my other faves, we have paul pierce! jermaine oneal!

then, one of my favorite boys, sent me this behind the scenes piece of awesome. it shows juelz santana getting bangery on the tune:



Tina said...

best teanbeat tuesday ever. definite slam dump! never ending eye porn.

erin is gross said...

tina, i love your slam dumps. this post is dedicated to you and your jockitude.

laurin said...

um, that is some serious bonertown. my eyes don't know where to look there is so much freakin' eye candy. can juelz santana play your birthday party? pretty please??

j. keith van rappin said...

whoa, whoa, whoa. shawn marion is cute? isn't he annual face lift material? his eye brows are so high above his sleepy lids he constantly looks surprised.

tiffany said...

the best porn ever!! i could spend hours watching this.

erin is gross said...

shawn marion is a dog. thank you, mr. van rappin, for reminding me. i meant to comment. i knew tony parker had a partner in sickness. and yes, i think amare stoudamire is pretty foxy.