Thursday, January 18, 2007

confessions of a wannabe stripper - bringing sexy back

Last night was my second foray into the juggernaut that is my pole dancing class. Although still extremely embarrassing last night proved that going a second time really does make a difference. I was much better this time, found my rhythm again (sort of) and even completed one move around the pole! Hallelujah there is a god (and she's clearly sympathetic to the art of stripping.)

One of the reasons for my newfound success at the world's oldest art form could be the fact that this time I came to class armed with "stripper shoes." I have to admit, it does provide an entirely different feeling when your dancing in heels. Its much easier to get into character when you're not parading around in rolled up yoga pants with nasty old bare feet. However, though I had on the required attire, its still embarrassing to look at yourself in the mirror and see some awkward girl with bright white legs stuffed into platform stripper heels glaring back at you. I understand now why tans are sexy.

Last night we learned our second sexy stripper floor routine set to "My Love" by a one Mr. Justin Timberlake. It was super fun, until I realized that most of the routine was literally on the floor and my knees were not happy about it. This morning I woke up and it looks like I spent last night blowing everyone in the state California. I think these bruises are here to stay for some time so hopefully, (fingers crossed) I can attend next dance class with stumpy white bruised legs and be the sexiest bitch around. I can't wait!

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