Thursday, January 25, 2007

today officially blows

see, today at 2pm i will have 2 (not 4) wisdom teeth ripped from my skull. i am not too much of a dentist wimp and i like pain pills, milk shakes and movies on the couch all day, so that isn't bumming me out too much. however, after working a 10 hour day yesterday with many meetings and spreadsheets, i went out to dinner with 20 coworkers to celebrate the middle of a long week. we ate and drank cocktails and wine and then beer over karaoke. at midnight i tore myself away because my bed was calling loudly to me through the radio in my metal fillings (jk, dudes). i got home and furiously chugged a little bit of water that i found in a bottle halfway down my bed. i woke up this morning to a pounding headache, a wine induced sugar buzz and the UNability to drink ANYTHING. that's right! no food or bevs for 8 hours before surgery. so, here i sit, back at my desk with a grumbling hungover belly. all that will satisfy me is some kind of egg, cheese and bread product mash up with ketchup on the side and a large coffee to wash it down, followed by a litre and a half of water. HOWEVER, i will sit here in dreaded agony until this afternoon when i am told to count backwards from ten. this blows.


grensley said...

the glass is half full. painkillers + vodka = happiness

erin is gross said...

vicodin roolz!