Tuesday, January 23, 2007

teen beat: award season is upon us!

for the next couple of months we will be bombarded with constant awards show buzz. if you're like me, you're already planning the in-home red carpet and specially designed ballots to be printed in time for your own oscar party. ok, maybe not, but still. today i will be providing you with some babe-o-thons related to what many film industry pundits are calling the greatest year in film so far this century. wow!

borat is kind of gross and while funny, i don't want to french him. however, sasha baron cohen is a full on sex pot. he's especially babe-o-rific in his suit. i also think his fiance is cuter than crap.
ryan gosling, previously mentioned in this weekly feature, was nominated for a best oscar nomination for his role in half nelson. i've yet to see this film, but he's a babe and if i had him as a teacher when i was young, i'd turn him into the male version of mary kay laterno.

and for next year's awards, i am hoping they will make a "best body" award at the oscars. if this is the case, i am hoping that my boy justin will be leading the pack. despite his sick inland empire tattoos and that pesky life sentence, i'm thinking he is the hottest person alive. and he was actually great in alphadog.


grensley said...

yum yum yummy yum yuuuuuuuuum

Audrey said...

Is JT hiding his dick-in-a-box under there?