Friday, January 12, 2007

Sacfree: A new dimension of comfort and liberty for your balls.

are your testicles crying out for freedom? begging for a gentle breeze throughout the day? well, gentlemen... look no further. straight from germany, i'd like to introduce you to the answer to your stifled balls: SACFREE!!
this is one of the most barftastic wtfiest undergarments i've come across in a very long time. but hey, i don't have balls, and apparently am not fully understanding the benefits that sacfree is about to bring to the world. male readers, please enlighten us all. gary tj and trav, please let me know which style you prefer for your upcoming bday presents.


Anonymous said...

a few thoughts:

neat how they targeted the bit of tie dye right on the man's wiener.

also, is it me or are that mannequin's nuts really small?

and lastly, wouldn't it be more comfy to have the balls sacked as not to have bat wings or whatever they're called?

j. keith van travey said...

their "advantages" are hardly convincing:
* "...sacfree® does not appear by showing lines under light suit trousers." not ever a problem. ever.
* "Above all, people that work sitting the whole day, will appreciate the liberty of sacfree®" i don't want my boys slipping down my pant leg all day. sounds awful.
* "With sacfree® there is something more to see." just take your underpants off! the prize is above. i've never heard a woman discuss wanting balls in any way.

03005S is the worst model of the bunch. ballsless in front and a thong in the back. uncomfortable from every angle!

Anonymous said...

Don't boxers let you be sac free.

JPeter said...

Where can I buy one ?
Help ! The site - or de - doesn't work. :(