Sunday, January 21, 2007

No No No No No

According to Fashion Wire Daily, the latest look for men this fall is, (pause) leggings. How can this be? How will they comfortably situate their twig and berries as to not totally offend the masses? Very few women can successfully pull off leggings. I'm guessing even fewer men.

I have yet to accept the hordes of Brooklyn and Lower East Side gents strutting around right this moment in skinny jeans. Jeans about as skinny as the burning cigarette dangling off their bottom lip. (Shudder)
I never thought that style could evolve any further, but alas, I'm wrong.
"Leggings made of microfiber cotton and wool, shown in violet, forest green and Milan fog gray, all of them with stirrup straps, except of course for a couple of them cut above the knee, accompanied half the looks in this poetic, polished and unexpected collection," said FWD.

Stirrup straps! Above the knee! This would never happen in Pittsburgh. But I fear they will come to Brooklyn. I can't wait until the day some guy in a large winter coat shows up innocuous enough to a bar only to shed the coat and, GASP!, there he will be in all his glory. Violet stirrups and all.


Audrey said...

I could handle it until you said stirrup straps. Why, God, why???

Cate said...

Um... the boys were wearing these in Pittsburgh way back in '93. It just took the rest of the world 14 years to get that hip.