Tuesday, January 02, 2007

teen beat: babe alert

over the weekend, i found myself prepping for NYE by spending the entirety of saturday on a friend's couch. literally, 12 hours. i was momentarily fused to the ultrasuede fabric. while enjoying the thrill of on demand, i watched four episodes of entourage. damn, that show is great and so full of babes. my favorite babe is rhys coiro who plays billy walsh, the director of queens boulevard. i totally wish that queens boulevard was a real movie, but of course it is not. this will have to suffice. i was able to undearth some information on the internets about how this character is reportedly (i am a reporter) based on vincent gallo. i also just found out that he's on uglybetty, a show i've yet to force myself to sit through. now i might have to go for it.



Anonymous said...

ugly betty rules so hard. that america ferrera is so wacky! i'm sure you saw the devil wears prada...yes, undoubtedly. it's basically the same thing, only more melodramatic and with alot of time spent in queens. man, i love queens too. just a big ball of love for everybody over here today!

New Agey No Friends said...

I'm not sure who told me this or if/where I read it but entourage was described as "lifestyle porn". I'm a big fan.