Friday, January 05, 2007


One of my new year’s resolutions was to drink more water. I drink a lot of water already, but I recently read that you’re supposed to consume at least two liters a day. Two liters. Do you realize how much water that is?

I suppose if you space it out throughout the day, it doesn’t seem like so much. But I forget to drink, and then at 5pm, down two liters within the last hour of work. This means that I spend the last hour in my office running to the bathroom every five minutes.

This wouldn’t be that much of a problem except that the bathroom is on the other side of my giant office. So, in order, to get there, I have to scurry past the offices of 20 other people, at least five of which are attractive men that I have mini work crushes on. (You know the kind of crush I’m talking about: entirely impractical and if you just saw him on the street you wouldn’t even look twice. But because you work with him, you know that he’s a very important, successful big shot creative director. And you know you’d never have a chance – a. because you work with him, b. because he’d never date a lowly copywriter, and c. because he’s married. And THAT’S what makes him so unattainably attractive.)

Actually, it didn’t even occur to me that my coworkers would notice me passing by, the unobtrusive and shy freelancer that I am, until I ran into one of my afore mentioned crushes at a bar the other night. One that I had never spoken to, so I didn’t think he even knew who he was until he turned to me and said:

“You work at _____ right? I recognize you. You walk past my office all the time.”

“Yeah, um, you’re on the way to the bathroom.”

“You go to the bathroom a lot.”

Then he turned to continue talking to his friends. I think it's love. Soon I’ll be carrying our advertising love child, and then I’ll REALLY have to pee all the time.


grensley said...

i'm in a crush love with the veen brothers at my work. also the older guy who wears converse-- he's dreamy... married but SOOOO CUTE, in a really dorky, software engineer way of course. AND PABLO, also married BUT he's a spanish dorky engineer. I LOVE THEM ALL!! except for the guy who wears long socks, short shorts and has a pony tail. he's mean too.

Kelly Camille said...

You have hot creative directors at your work? That is a very novel concept.