Friday, January 12, 2007

How could you not want to eat something this cute?

What first goes through your head when you see a picture like this in the paper: cute and fluffy playmate or tender and sumptuous meal? I first thought the former until you get to the end of this article and see the recipe for Korean spicy rabbit and potato.

But I’m still having a hard time deciding which is more adorable, the 23-lbs bunny or the 63-year-old, smiley German man. The two together make an excellent pair. With some veggies on the side. Yummers.

To quote my roomie, Cate: “The bigger they breed the bunnies for slaughter the more likely they will be to stage an effective bunny revolt! Viva la bunny grande!”

Whatever, she’s a vegetarian.

(thanks for the link, Jolanka)


stephanie said...

this is gonna lead to some seriously huge keychains.

Anonymous said...

But they'll be SOOO lucky!