Thursday, January 04, 2007

new year's resolution #279: be less of a fucking retard

unibloggal pal lindsay is an employee over at google so while she's at work not only is her normal gmail chat available, her google/internal account is visible as well. i'm usually careful about chatting at her gmail account only however, i biffed it hard yesterday.

me: thanks for trying to feed drunken phil on nye
that was hilarious to listen to
he was really fuckin hungry and i was too drunk to help him out
lindsayg: um, you were just viewed in my meeting
me: oh god
lindsayg: yep
lindsayg: that's why you should only contac me through my gmail
me: ok
got it
lindsayg: you were on the projector
me: holy crap
lindsayg: "who's stephanie?"
me: sweet
lindsayg: i'm so professional
me: i'm sersly so sorry
but it is one of the funniest things i've heard in a long time
Lindsay: i couldn't click it down either because i was trying to find an email with a portfolio so it just sat up there while i searched my email
me: dropping eff words all over the place
me: it coulda been SO MUCH WORSE. i could've said "boner" or something
Lindsay: i'm still laughing in my head. seriously. if they didn't think i was crazy before, they have it confirmed now
me: you're welcome!!!
Lindsay: i'll let you know when you can help me out again
it was sooo BIG and ENLARGED on the screen
at least i am helpful
me: next time i'm charging.
no laughs for free in '07.
Lindsay: i'll give you a penny next time i see you


grensley said...

the director of user experience here at google was also a witness to stephanie's beautiful message to yours truly. the green dot will be replaced by the RED DOT from this point on.

Anonymous said...

best story of 07 so far. hilarity!