Monday, January 01, 2007

sluts in 2007

I made out with a dude weith dread locks. it's massively wicked times.

number one her friend just got hit with the face.

a girl also did it with two in new your k. erin i sa reporter,. i don't know. bailey did it wiht a speak and spell. tweeked out and it';s going to lose it and circut band and all that finished. mysterious girl carmen electra. there are very many upset new years.

willotoons is hero times.

2997n rules.
like new years last year we lost this condom at a strangers on their couch said mysterious reader and then we left and wondered where the condom was and it was a terrible situation. typing what she said about stephanie having cuting edge style. the best pair of female underwear colin saw this year were mens red american apparell underwear that only girls. you boys know what i mean. wear.

wow. ƒ

it might be a while.

slut club 2006 well one recently kissed a boy named kenneth and she got shit and added it to the club. you should tell how someone boned some shit out. what are you even typing.

i need to blog


Anonymous said...

haha... this post makes no sense, but definitely emanates the drunken fabulousness happening.

awesome meeting you girls & happy new year! xo

Audrey said...

uuuuuuh. And we decided to post on new years eve, why exactly?

RobTunderVillain said...

"2997n rules."

"wow. ƒ"

yeah, "wow. ƒ" indeed.

New Agey No Friends said...


Anonymous said...

uuuuh is right. but i swear it was about 2:29 am and not 12:18 am.

New Agey No Friends said...

double dang.

bomarr said...


stephanie said...

i fully proofread this before you posted it. holy italicized eff.