Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Did somebody say...meat?

Slate recently ran an interesting article on what Americans are shoplifting these days. The answer, meat! Meatlifting has become a problem in markets across the country. And not cheapo chicken cutlets or drumsticks, but filet mignon, rib eyes and other expensive cuts.

Apparently, people are not meatlifting out of financial hardship, but as a reward. This makes sense. I've often said to myself, "Julie, you've worked really hard this week. You definitely deserve a rack of lamb. Please help yourself."
(Full Disclosure: In this case "rack of lamb" refers primarily to "vodka soda.")

The most prevalent meatlifters are "gainfully employed women between 35 and 54." These ladies peruse the shelves, filling their carts with essentials like milk and toilet paper before standing in line with the hordes of other shoppers. The only difference? Unbeknownst to everyone else, Felicia has a rib eye stuffed in her pocket.

I'm not yet in the meatlifting demographic, which probably explains why I haven't had the urge to loot a loin of pork. But ladies beware. I'm watching what you're putting into that $2000 Fendi bag -- lamb chops.

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grensley said...

jane has been meatlifting for years.