Monday, January 29, 2007

Chaiya Chiaya

I missed African Dance class this weekend, but made up for it with Masala Bhangra, Indian dance, last night. Yes, I’m soooo cultured. It was surprisingly fun, although my shoulders are killing me today.

I originally took Masala Bhangra it to impress my sister, who, after a recent business trip to Bangalor, is obsessed with India. She returned home with not one but two Indian boyfriends emailing her from Bangalor and asking her to marry them. She now calls me in the middle of the night asking for advice. “Ankor is always so sweet and romantic, but Nundik is just so much cuter.”

I don’t think she’s made a decision between the two yet, but she is planning on returning to India soon and got two “Learn to Speak Farsi” language tape series for Christmas. She is also obsessed with Indian movies. Her favorite video online right now is from a popular Bollywood film. I’m going to keep going to the Masala Bhangra dance class so I can soon look like the woman in this video. My sister will be so impressed.

For those of you that have not spent a lot of time in New York, this is pretty much what it's like to ride the subway to work every day. Well, on the nice days anyhow, when the conductor lets us dance on top of the train.

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