Friday, January 05, 2007

the o.c. - gone but not forgotten

it is a sad day in tv land. the o.c. is dead. actually, it is on life support with a definite day of deceasedness: february 22, 2007. as a bonafide o.c. expatriate, i feel like my brothers and sisters have been senselessly axed. in their honor, i am going to share with you a few of my favorite moments, as well as one solitary hope for the series fin...i can't say the word without tearing up.

favorite moments:
* a manly, buff and very lopsided fight between ryan atwood and ilovemybiggaydad luke and pals ending in the prolamation, "welcome to the OC, bitch."
* the arrival and rapid downfall of dear oliver, whose character i believe to be modeled after brandon davis. my favorite is when he takes the gang to see "ROOOOOONNEEEEYYY" and then gets busted in a coke sting.
* a season one favorite features dear marissa coop found possibly dead (but only pill popped) on a dusty road at knott's berry farm, i mean in tijuana. we won't even talk about theresa. barf.
* season two highlights are topped by marissa's quick stint with the other team. she bones (or actually, probably not) alex, the very alternative highschool drop out with purple streaks who is somehow the manager and bartender at the peach pit after dark, i mean the bait shop. oh, and she's a girl.
* kiki cohen's announcement that she "may love her chardonnay but at least she won't die alone" is probably the single best quote of the show. i love skeletal drunk kiki cohen.

there are so many more favorite moments, especially from this new season which is proving to REALLY be the best since season one. while mischa barton is off getting scabies from her boyfriend cisco adler, the new girls of the oc are looking FOOOOIIINNNEEE. which brings me to my big wish as the show winds down.

picture this: taylor townsend (ryan's new girlfriend) and mini cooper (kaitlin, marissa's baby sister) in a wicked tryst with ryan slopey shoulder but somehow now totally hot atwood. an oc first, a tres way with the three hotest dishwater blondes on tv.

EDIT the show should end with a massive earthquake during which, southern california breaks off and floats into the ocean. nothing is more OC than the big one. OR there is a massive gang shoot out between the kids of harbor high and the dick bags of laguna beach: the real oc.

let's start a petition. who's with me?! please vote now on your favorite surprise ending.


grensley said...

what about the coopers stint in the motor home and julie revealing her roots-- as in white trash roots, NOT her hair, her hair is amazing

Anonymous said...

oh shit. jager shots with julie cooper. my dream.