Tuesday, December 05, 2006

teen beat tuesday: the oc, it's back

you may not agree or you may just be living in the dark ages aka 2003, but the oc is back, people. ryan atwood, who i've always had a tumultuous relationship with is handling the loss of his dear marissa like a champ. he's taken up early morning jogs on the beach, he's trying to quit caffeine and in a couple of days he's going to have the show's first nocturnal emission. here's a photo of the new and improved AND DARE I SAY HOT photo of mister chino.

do you see how his helmet hair is gone?
do you see that he's driving a rugged jeep wrangler?
do you see that he's not wearing a hoodie or a visable wifebeater?
all of these things are distracting me from the main reason i never was bonerfied by ryan in the past...his slopey shoulders! see the diagram below.

this is a man-feature which usually makes my eyes hurt, but i have no other choice but to congratulate ryan on a successful trompe l'oiel. i can barely see his downhill slopes because i am captivated by my own reflection in his aviators. just kidding.

start watching, people! i need to discuss this amazing show with all of you. thanks!


molly said...

i know! seriously. i was watching the last episode going “when did ryan atwood get to so hot?!?!” i also like him way more this season in general. so yup. i must say, a marissa free ryan, is a good ryan.

stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

your diagram is amazing but atwood is still a slopey second to mc dreamy/steamy in my grey's lovin' heart. if he starts humping mama cooper-nichol i will consider making the switch. keep me posted.