Thursday, December 21, 2006

peace out '06

2006 was, all in all, pretty damn great. thanks for another rad year, sweet pals!

1. what's your favorite unibloggal post ever?

i'm pretty sure this post changed some lives.
also...friday's dating tip: stick to your own hood contains, in my opinion, one of the best quotes of '06:

"if you're from the marina and you're a dude, your salmon button up shirt will match your girlfriend's face, an awesome hue achieved from months of tanning. also, she's at the gym so much that she won't even notice that you're probably gay. why else would you vote for a republican and wear shiny dress shoes on the the weekend?"

2. what's your favorite record of the year?

i'm gonna give first place to califone 'roots & crowns'. here are a few of my faves for your listening pleasure.

3. what's your favorite celebrity wtf of the year?

rip torn-the-eff-up's mugshot's just too damn good.

4. most babe-a-licious man of the year:

sweet will johnson.

since i didn't give 'fort recovery' top album status (although it's def up there) i've gotta give the centro-matic frontman that melts the shit outta my heart some love.

5. drunkest moment of the year/biggest impending doom feeling:

i was a detective for shame-o-ween this year. apparently there were some clues somewhere in the area of gary tj's lady friend's breast which i grabbed, complimented (to him) and then entirely erased from my memory until i was reminded of the majority of the evening a couple days later.

6. favorite photo of your group of pals from 2006:

pants off dance off

7. Favorite thing (blog/site/video) online right now:

i need music in my ears for pretty much the entirety of the work day or i go insane. thank sweet baby jesus for hype machine and also kexp. some good daily programs but the real jackpot is the huge archive of live performances.

8. Craziest crazy person in the street/on public transportation story:

while on the 22 fillmore the bus got real crowded and a pretty beat old lady got pushed a little. she screams at a group of teenagers "you knocked my teeth out, bitches". i looked down the aisl and sure enough her full set of dentures were lying there. she then screams multiple times "gimme my fuckin' teeth back". one of the young dudes finally reaches down, grabs the teeth, hands them to this fine old lady and she shoves them back into her mouth.
i also have endless sick stories about the 14 mission if anyone's new year's resolution is to barf more.

9. Favorite beverage of 2006:

i love me some good coffee

10. New Years Resolution:

i hope to invert the current ratio that rules my diet of burritos:veggies and coffee/booze:water

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