Thursday, December 14, 2006


i would like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow unibloggistas a happy six month anniversary. i feel like we've really bonded and have become one since way back in june when this fine blog was birthed from our fingers.

awesome audrey - even though you are on an opposite coast, i feel so attached to you through your talk of poo.
sweet stephanie - your photoshopping skills make me weak in the knees. my eyeballs quake at every image your brains create.
lovely laurin - even though you're now married, i am happy that we share a love child named unibloggal.
captivating colleen - you are a little tornado and i hope to soon be at the eye of your storm.
jammin' julie - despite the fact that you've fled from frisco, just like peaches & herb, we've reunited and it feels so good...cyberly.


comeoncolleen said...

aw shucks, dawg. i hope you get caught in the eye of my storm too. although, i have to say that my new years resolution is to go from tornado to a light shower. a drizzle, if you will.

stephanie said...

sweet erin: without your friday dating tips i'd be... uh... single... wait. seriously though, you make me LOL like a motherfucker. love you unibitches. happy happy.

Audrey said...

Thanks, buddy. I'll think of you every time I take a crap... with love.