Friday, December 01, 2006

Hit me labia, one more time.

Today at lunch in a intellectual, vegan café in the West Village, I looked up from my kale and potato soup to see what is now probably the world's most famous vulva. The hipster at the table next to me quickly slammed his MacBook shut and giggled with his buddy behind their square-rimmed glasses. Is no one beyond the Britney vagina craze?

I assume you've seen it. Everyone else has.

So, rather than pollute this blog with discussion of Britney's chocha and how it has recently decided to say hello to the world, I've decided instead to link to every other blog in the entire world wide web that has headlined this news-breaking phenomenon. But, dear Gawker and Best Week Ever, please understand that I mock because I care.

Here are some of the leading headlines. You'd think we'd just bombed another country: Britney's Vagina's Reign of Terror Continues. This is not breaking news people! Britney's Vagina Is On A World Tour. I have to admit that this headline actually made me laugh BRITNEY'S LEGS TO SPLIT UP PERMANENTLY.

And the blog that gets the big award for the fullest coverage of Britney's least covered bits: Best Week Ever, in which Britney's Vagina actually addresses readers personally.


erin is gross said...

i have recently coined a new moniker for the area between ms. spears' legs. it's "brit brit's bubble gum taco shack."

erin is gross said...
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comeoncolleen said...

i'd like to accept this award on behalf of best week ever. even though i covered the pam and kid rock split last week, i'll pass it along to my office mate who is dang proud of his britney mom junk (munk) coverage.