Monday, December 18, 2006

coke head of the class

this weekend, i had the displeasure of attending a random holigay party filled with coked-up homos of marginal intelligence. normally, my puritanical ass can guzzle alcohol in these kind of situations and have a good time. however, i should have listened to my gut—let’s call it my smilla’s sense of snow—which told me to leave as soon as i stepped foot inside. you see, the party was a pseudo-serious one, involving heart-to-hearts, cheese spreads, "which firm do you work for?," and "oh my god, i’ve been to indiana!!!"

anyway, i stuck around for a good 45 minutes, but had to leave after overhearing the following conversation which, sadly, was delivered in earnest:

coke head 1: you know what?
coke head 2: what?!
coke head 1: like, in 50 years, like, in our lifetime, the north pole is totally going to melt and we’re going to be underwater.
coke head 2: that is so totally going to suck!!!
coke head 1: i know! but you live on the 4th floor so you should be okay.
coke head 2: yeah. you know, that’s why i didn’t take that job in miami.


laurin said...

like marijuana, coke does make you have much deeper conversations. not that i would know personally...its just what i've heard.

stephanie said...

i think there's a chance cokehead #2 might get pushed out of their 4th floor window long before nyc is under water.
hi billy!