Friday, December 01, 2006

weekend to do list and dance tips

Thanks Sparkle Motion for the sweet dance moves! After "thorough" research, I've discoverd that its a bit dead in the Bay Area this weekend. But have no fear fair unibloglets. There are a few glimmers of hope to brighten up your social calender and get your lazy butt off the couch and out in the brisk winter air.


Local eclectic post-punk meets noise music duo Moggs will take center stage at the Hemlock tonight along with Weird Weeds and Ferocious Eagle. If Deerhoof and Unwound had a love child it would play music like this. Check it out.


Voxtrot are gracing Great American Music Hall tonight. "With one foot in the library and the other on the dancefloor, Voxtrot combine classic 60's pop (think Love and Left Banke) with the heady, subversive sounds of 80's Britain and still come out ahead of their time." Good shit.

For an "Evening of Art, Fashion, Music, and Film" (featuring unibloggal pal and artist extroidinaire Sita Rupe) head over to Club Mezzanine.


I can't find anything earth shattering so I suggest a movie. Shortbus, Volver or the Science of Sleep should get you started.


stephanie said...

we're SO sparkle motioning next halloween.

erin is gross said...

i'll be the sex depraved jesus loving mom who cracks the whip on those sparklemotion bitches.