Saturday, December 23, 2006

Friday dating tip (Saturday Style)

Due to Holiday travel plans and some crossed Unibloggal communication, this week’s dating tip is appearing one day late.

Today’s topic: The First Post Hookup Email. Or, FPHE, as some call it.

You know what I’m talking about. The sexual tension had been building – whether it was or two months, two days, or two hours, doesn’t matter – the tension was there. So after a drunken party or a long night out at the bars, you find yourself finally hooking up with the subject of this tension. The two of you have a passionate night of ecstasy. And, if you’re lucky, maybe grab brunch together the next day.

Monday comes and you return to work as usual, but you can’t get this person out of your mind. So, rather than doing something as bold as calling their cell phone, you decide to send a nice email. Thus bringing us to FPHE.

This is a sensitive procedure. Any stray letters and you can ruin your chances of seeing the person again and your chances at a happy life. You want to make it clever, without looking like you’re trying to be clever. Breezy, without sounding like you’re trying to be breezy. Meaningful and yet indifferent. Subtly communicating that you want there to be a repeat hookup, without implying that you want to have babies with them. At least, not just yet.

Tactics you should steer away from:

Too breezy: “Hey, yeah, so I ran across your email address and I thought maybe I’d drop you a line.”

Making up excuses for emailing: “So, I saw this dog today, and I remembered you said that you had a dog growing up. And I thought maybe I should write to let you know that there’s a dog on Smith Street right now.”

Too blatantly hookup focused: “Remember when I saw you naked the other night? Hehe, that was cool.”

Stay away from dumb typos: “I’d love to go they’re again with you the next time your free.” (especially if you’re writing this FPHE to miss stillman)

Don’t blow it: “I had fun the other night. Soooooooo, when are we getting married?”

Follow these simple rules and just be yourself (unless you’re lame, in which case, be someone else) and you’ll construct the perfect FPHE.

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