Thursday, December 28, 2006

wolf like me

i don't have cable, so when i get the chance to house sit for my cabled friends, i get really excited. i wake up in the morning and flip that shit on as soon as i can. instead of watching something very mind fulfilling like cnn or the weather channel, this morning i went straight for mtv. you know, so i could get knowed up on what the kids are into these days. i found out that davey havok from afi wears fake eyelashes in the snow, jay-z is a race car driver and that winners of america's next top model actually DO get work after the show is over.

first of all, this video rules and the song is one of my favorites in quite some time. secondly, did you see naima?

last thing. i found out that blogger isn't letting unibloggal be a part of "erin is gross" anymore, so until then i'll be squatting on the audsteph account.

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