Thursday, December 21, 2006

hey 2006, don't let the door hit you in the ass

happy holidays, everyone. in honor of this special time of year, we have decided to share with you a look back on what for us has been a year of growth and subtle transition into the blogosphere. we hope you're happy to have us, because for us, you dear 12 readers (that's right, we've grown!), you're all we need to have a stuffed stocking. throughout the next week or so, various members of the unibloggal family will share with you a quaint retrospective on the year past. we hope you enjoy it. and if you're traveling, be safe, keep it to under three liquid ounces and don't drink too much egg nog. that shit is nasty.

Favorite unibloggal post ever?
that's an easy one. by far our most awesome and "commercially viable" post was tonight i'll be your naughty girl, the creative pubic hair manipulation game by nads, posted by laurin on august 21st.
Favorite record of the year?
another easy one. so this is good bye by the junior boys kicks major ass. and it makes you (me) want to take off your (my) clothes. second place goes to show your bones by the yeah yeah yeahs. and their website kicks ass.
Favorite celebrity wtf of the year?
well, i tend to believe that all celebrities are wtf worthy, but i think my blue ribbon goes not to britney, paris, lindsey or the crocodile hunter, but to jared leto for being the biggest douche brain on the planet with the shittiest band alive.
Most babe-a-licious man of the year?
one minute for erin brown to be totally mushy.
Drunkest moment of the year/biggest impending doom feeling?

Favorite photos of the friend family from 2006?
they're all right here.
Favorite online "what have you" (blog/video/etc)?
hmm. i'm very self centered, so i usually just read our blog over and over and over. let me me think of something other than the "dick in a box" video, which i can't stop watching. here's a blog, a video, and a photo that i really love.
Craziest crazy person in the street/on public transportation story:
this actually happened today when a 90 yr old chinese woman was coughing and hacking up loogies so hard (into a plastic bag) that she barfed on the bus. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Favorite beverage of 2006?
champagne. i'm fancy.
New Years Resolution?
i would like to start recycling and not eating cookies. and i'll start smoking more, so i can quit. and i'll definitely go to the gym a whole bunch. (not)

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