Tuesday, December 05, 2006

total douche pop

last night we turned on the television to see what kind of pop culture shitstorm was being brewed up on the billboard music awards. i came to a few conclusions. they are:
1. middle america likes country music, shitty rap and plastic surgery faces all mixed together in some hybrid genre called billboard music awards.
2. pharell williams can't rap but he's a freakin babe.
3. catherine mcphee is majorly fooooine.
4. fergie is such a fucking douchecicle that i can hardly stand it. in this video she looks like a tacky 13 year old at christmas time between the neck and knees with a weird tan plastic head upon two stilt shoes that she can't walk in. why is she on earth?

1 comment:

laurin said...

i also watched this trainwreck of an award show and decided that i am in fact an alien because i cannot relate to america, american music, fans, the billboard charts or anything, pretty much at all. then i read my fav tv wrap up blog fourfour and realized i was not alone. this post is PURE GENIUS.