Wednesday, December 20, 2006

christmas present anyone?

after catching up on episodes of mtv's rob and big (which i now love) i have discovered that i am now also obsessed with bulldogs, especially given their natural pension for skateboarding. rob and big chronicles the (mis) adventures of professional skater rob drydek, his bodyguard/bff christopher "big black" boykin and there new bulldog puppy meaty. in one of the episodes they come across tyson, "the skateboarding bulldog," and attempt to teach meaty how to skate. i'm in love, i'm definitely getting one and they will be skateboarding before you know it. here's a little promo video of tyson's talents to get you obsessed too.


grensley said...

I LOVE BULLDOGS! i have a great bulldog calendar. i am sad to see the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

i want to affectionally gnaw on meaty's face.