Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's been a crazy year

With ten days to go, I have all my questions answered. Well, not all my questions, but the ten that Erin posed today.

1. what's your favorite unibloggal post ever?

I think I’d have to go with Steph’s “Series of letters to the first girl I ever fingered by Michael Ian Black” because it led me to one of my favorite pieces on the web. A piece I reread almost weekly and it makes me lol every time.

2. what's your favorite record of the year?

At the risk of sounding conceited, I’m gonna have to go with Chosen Pussy’s Greatest Hits.

3. what's your favorite celebrity wtf of the year?

Ummmm, do the roommates of the Real World count as celebrities, because I think everything they’ve done since they moved in has constituted one giant wtf.

4. most babe-a-licious man of the year

Bea Arthur.


5. drunkest moment of the year/biggest impending doom feeling

Oh, where to begin. Was it this year that I woke up in nothing but a mullet wig and then barfed on the F train? No, that was 2005. Perhaps is was the night I went out in the meat packing district with Gordon and Terryl and managed to get us kicked out of all the hip clubs. Whatever, some people just like to take off their shirts when they’re pretending to pole dance.

6. favorite photo of your group of pals from 2006, please post

I’m just kidding.

My favorite photo has to be from my Ugly Sweater Party on Saturday. I’m sure Gordon’s thrilled that this is now online TWICE.

Also, jumping back to the beginning of 2006, I have to include this one of the masterbraiders:

7. Favorite thing (blog/site/video) online right now (with link).

My all-time favorite blog is of course the blog that inspired me to create You Nork, which in turn inspired Stephanie to start Unibloggal. So to sum it up, if there was no Dooce, there’d be no Unibloggal. And my favorite video might still have to be from The Lonely Island, pre-SNL fame. So, the video is not in fact from 2006, but the SNL fame is… sort of.

8. Craziest crazy person in the street/on public transportation story

On Wednesday night, I was followed the four blocks from the subway station to my house in Brooklyn by a gangster-type lad shouting, “Don’t pretend that you aren’t looking for cock! All you bitches wanna get fucked. You want my cock, bitch. Don’t you cross the street to get to get away from me. Come on, you know you want my cock.” I mean, he wasn’t that crazy because I really did, in fact, want his cock. I ended up inviting him upstairs for some Christmas cookies and a good fuck.

9. Favorite beverage of 2006

Dr. Pepper. It will always be Dr. Pepper. I love you, Dr. Pepper.

10. New Years Resolution

Cut down on Dr. Pepper.

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